Add Hdmi Hi-Def to Your Console AV to HDMi 720p/1080p

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Console/Video Up-scaler Convert your AV to HDMi 720p/1080p
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Now you can upgrade all of those video devices (like video game consoles or anything with AV/RCA Jacks) from analog to digital! This clears up some faults in the video and sound to give you a modern look to your old devices. Can enhance video and sound to give you a new HD feel to items that are aging a little. 

Please note that this device is powered thru the USB port on your tv (USB Cable included). 

This may be the most simple effective way to "dust off" those older video & sound devices (Video game consoles or anything with AV Jacks). 

Bring your audio and video of yesterday to today's HD standard quality.

  1. video converter unit
  2. USB Cable
  3. Instructions
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