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Donkey Kong is back in “Donkey Kong Classics” for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game is a compilation of two classic arcade titles, “Donkey Kong Jr.” and the original “Donkey Kong.” Both of these games are identical to the original NES release. Every stage, enemy, and item is present in this NES version, and the menu screen allows you to select which game you want to play. “Donkey Kong” was one of Nintendo's first games. Released in the arcade in 1981, it was the first appearance of Jumpman. Jumpman would later be renamed Mario and appear in other NES games as well. In this title, your goal is to rescue the beautiful Pauline. You'll need to defeat three levels to save this lovely lady. Rather than stomp on the heads of your foes, Mario needs to hop over any obstacles in his path, utilizing the platforming genre of Nintendo games. It only takes one hit from an enemy in this NES game to spell your defeat. However, if you can grab a hammer, you can clobber any foes and obstacles in your way. Collect Pauline's items scattered throughout the level to increase your score.“Donkey Kong” for NES contains three levels. In the first, you need to climb a tower while the giant ape throws barrels at you. In the second, you need to avoid fire and springs to reach the top. In the final level, you need to remove rivets from the building to send the ape crashing down on his head. After completing these three stages, the game loops and starts over from the first stage. However, the enemies and obstacles move quicker the second time, requiring faster reflexes. The object of the game isn't necessarily to win since there’s no true end to a quest. The objective is to see how high of a score you can earn.“Donkey Kong Jr.” is one of the only games to feature Mario as an antagonist instead of the hero. In this Nintendo title, you play as Donkey Kong's son, Kong Jr., out to rescue his father from imprisonment. This Nintendo game has four levels, and gameplay is similar to the other half of this game. Your character needs to reach the top of the stage. However, instead of jumping, this Nintendo game is about climbing. You'll climb everything from vines to telephone poles in an attempt to rescue your father. In the final level, you must push keys upwards into a cage to complete the rescue attempt. The action isn't over after the final stage. The title will loop, letting you keep playing while increasing the difficulty of each obstacle.The graphics and the sounds of these two Nintendo games are on par with the arcade platform. If you're on the search for some retro classics, you'll love this bundle of Nintendo games. “Donkey Kong Classics” is a fantastic title for both children and adults. This cartridge for the Nintendo console offers a lot of options for replay, making “Donkey Kong Classics” an NES title you'll come back to time and time again.
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