Atari 7800/2 Joysticks/AV Jacks Mod/Power Adapter Modded

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Atari 7800 Bundle with AV Mod & Power Mod
This Atari 7800 will display a picture better than the stock 7800 ! Moded to update the picture quality, sound quality, ease of AV (Yellow, Red White) Jacks and ease of using a standard barrel power adapter (9v 1000mA +). 

Included Games
Dig Dug  - Atari 7800
Pole Position 2 - Atari 7800
(This System Also Plays Atari 2600 Games so you can play them in higher quality as well)

AV Mod

Now you can plug your 7800 into almost any modern television with the Universal AV Jacks (Yellow, White, Red) and, not only direct connection, but also the best picture ever seen. We have used a signal amplifier to balance the picture and display it in never before seen high quality. Brighter colors and better picture than the original 7800 release! (We have supplied this bundle with a 3 way set of AV Jacks).

Power Mod
With our custom power mod, you have the option to use any 9v 1000mA + polarity power adapter with a barrel type tip, which is the most common type of adapter on the market and is readily available almost anywhere for $5 - $10. We have also left the original 7800 power plug in place in case you prefer to use an original 7800 power supply. (We have included a barrel type power supply in this bundle).
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