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NES w/ Super Mario, 2 Controllers, AV Cables, Power Supply
NES w/ Super Mario. 2 Nintendo Controllers, AV Cables, Power Supply

Nintendo NES with 2 Games (1 cartridge), Nintendo Controller, Light Gun, AV Cables, Power Supply.

Super Mario Bros
-Duck Hunt

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Atari 7800 AV Jacks Equipped (Mod) Universal Power Adapter (Mod) (7800)
Refurbished and Modified Atari 7800

(Currently being modified)

Modifications include:

Power Supply - Adding a universal barrel type power adapter, so that the unit accepts a common 9v Dc positive polarity adapter. Most 7800 power adapters cost around $50 and are hard to find. This mod eliminates the need for this expensive power adapter.

Av Jacks - RCA Type (Yellow-Red-White) jacks are being added, for both, better picture and clarity, and for a more universal video standard for modern Tv's. Not to mention a better quality sound. 7800's have only a jack to use a coax cable for older televisions and are very poor quality in video and sound. This also enables the ability to use an AV2HDMi converter for the latest High Definition Tv's.
Note: We carry the AV2HDMi Converter.
Realistically, these systems will not actually display high definition video or sound, no matter what many claim, but the AV mod will upscale the video and audio (due to the split in the signal directly from the board), and is the only possible way to enhance this system.
Coming Soon...
Xbox (original) 2 Controllers, 2 Games, AV, Power Adapter
Xbox (original) 2 Controllers, 2 Games, AV, Power Adapter

Includes: Console, AV Cable, Power Supply, 1 Original Controller, 1 Pelican Controller, 2 Games CIB: Snowboarding & Bard's Tale

Good/ Refurbished
Please See Pic For Detailed Condition

Everything Works
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Super Nintendo (SNES) w/ 4 Games "Primal Rage", 2 Controllers, Power & AV Cables
Super Nintendo (SNES) w/ 4 Games "Primal Rage", 2 Controllers, Power & AV Cables

SNES with 2 Controllers, New Power Cable, New AV Cables and 4 Games.

-Primal Rage
-George Foremans Knock Out
-Side Pocket Pool 
-Madden "94

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