Disc Repair

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Get up to 10 discs repaired cheap
Resurface, Repair (10) CD/DVD/Bluray/Game Discs
Repair 10 Discs
Includes all regular sized CD / DVD / Bluray / Game Discs (Xbox,Playstation etc)
*No Gamecube or mini discs
Once you purchase the 10 discs for $12 service (this item), we will contact you via email with the address to ship up to 10 of your discs for repair and / or resurfacing. Once received, it will take only 1 business day, then we will mail your repaired discs back to you. The $12 price includes return shipping. The complete time from when you ship should be about 7-10 days.
Our resurfacing is safe for Bluray & next gen game systems as well (PS4,XB One).

What can be fixed?
Light to medium scratches, light burn from error surfacing, scuffs, dirt/oil

What damages can not be fixed?
Cracked, major label side or holes in label (hold to light & look for light thru), melted, chemical damage, major deep abrasions.

: You can use media mail shipping (around $3).
Get up to 10 discs repaired cheap
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