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NES Basic Repairs
Note: Return Shipping is covered by this fee
Does your NES not work due to to the dreaded blinking light problem, scramble graphics are freeze at any time..sound or graphics issue?

Also good for basic re-coloring the exterior of the plastic that has turned yellow.

NES Basic Repairs Include (Covers 1 Hour Labor Repairs):
  • Card Slot Refurbish / Replacement
  • Internal Cleaning
  • Re-coloring (Yellowed to Original Color)
  • Minor PC Board Breaks/Bridges
  • Fuses
  • Blinking Light Issues
  • Controller Problems
  • Graphics Break-Up
  • Sound Problems

Step by step how this works?
add to cart and checkout as normal, including the issue you are having or what you want done.. Once paid, you will receive an email with the services mailing address and a service number to include on your package. This number will need to be written outside your shipping label, just under it. Once you have shipped your system, we will confirm when we receive it. After 1 business day, we will contact you with the diagnostics outcome. If fixed, it will already be in the mail. if it is something not covered, we will contact you by phone, or email to discuss what can be done. We guarantee the best and most economical solution will be suggested. It is still your choice to just have us send it back in the same condition or have complete repairs done. Return Shipping is covered in the diagnostics fee here.

Want to inquire before committing to this service?
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Disclaimer: About 90% estimated NES issues can be solved with this service. There may be other problems, without a proper diagnostic, there is no way to be 100% positive on any electronic device. We will work with you to provide the cheapest, but best solution for your system. We do not take any responsibility for any damages during shipping, please ship by your trusted carrier and include insurance in the case that your device is damaged in transit.
View List of Supported Repairs
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